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ZR Turbo factory prototype
Kmaps turbo remap/std turbo

Pre tuned 200+ bhp ZR/TF ecus available at £349

Remap a supplied ecu                                    £239

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K Turbo installation..210bhp/278Nm
 We recently owned the one off factory prototype ZR K series turbo - and can now offer a simple ecu remap to enable the 75 turbo engine to run in your ZR/ZS or even Midget and Freelander..
The retune caters for the R65/PG1 gearbox/crank sensor, turbo map sensor and injectors
..we also optimise boost levels to see a reliable 200 plus bhp on a standard engine
- and can even achieve over 300bhp retaining a factory ecu with larger turbo/injectors..


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