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Our Background

Who are Kmaps?
Kmaps is a great partnership combining a legendary K series ecu remap specialist with first class workshop expertise..
Mark is the ecu guru -
Mark was responsible for testing and development of Longbridge factory K series products, which involved prototype track and road development testing throughout the world.
He campaigned a VHPD 190 TF in the MG Car Club for several years and is now the official tune supplier to most race cars in action today.
Following the demise of MG Mark went on to form this remap service - with unique expertise in the K series MG Rover tuning world  
Chris is the ace technician -
Chris Flanagan is a similarly experienced MG Rover trained technician, highly respected in the K Series community for his workshop expertise. He has further developed many MG products since opening MG Lifestyle – even building V6 versions of the TF/ZR and a coupe version of the Rover 75!


How It WORKS...


The core of the service is to offer noticeable improvements by optimising your ecu settings.

For example there are many areas compromised by factory marketing requirements - such as in

the ZT turbo factory engine rated at 160 bhp to avoid overshadowing the 160bhp KV6 engine. 

We release the engines potential to offer a reliable 200bhp K turbo remap!


Similarly the K VVC ZR/TF unit sees towards 175bhp from a remap (which includes a raised limiter)

far exceeding the 160bhp set in the factory tune..


How do I arrange my UPGRADE?


There are three options..


Arrange a visit to our base for the installation (typically takes 30 minutes for MG/Caterham, please contact us for more details on Lotus.



Send your ecu for an effective posted upgrade (return time 2 days)



Order a spare ready mapped ecu set to automatically match your alarm and work with your existing fobs..



Just email through the contacts page or call for further information and to book your installation!


          Contact 07928 196856



























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