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What will i GAIN?

The key improvements are...

Crisper throttle response

Enhanced midrange

8-10% power gain

But thats not all, the package also offers..

Rev limit resetting

Further ignition/fuelling/idle optimisation where needed (cam upgrades etc)

Engine MIL light elimination

(to free up catalyst/exhaust choice)





Typical vvc gains before/after..

Note how the engine began around 150bhp and found over 15bhp extra - with a much flatter torque profile

This is all provided by the original K series development and support engineers using factory specification ecu units - with considerably greater durability/tune flexibility than aftermarket tuning units.. 


What Does it COST?

Our expert ecu packages our well proven in the MG and Caterham world, and are now on offer to Lotus at a very competitive price! Click the model tab in the top menu for more model specific details..





What models are COVERED?

We specialise in upgrading K series equipped 1.8 Elise models, note Toyota units cannot be assisted at present...

We offer a complete installation and diagnostic package at our Yorkshire base, however for those involved in home builds or in Europe there is an option of a ready mapped ecu kit with full fitting instructions




How do I arrange the UPGRADE?

Just email through the contacts page or call  07928196856 for further information and to book your installation!

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