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Kmaps Elise development

S2 Elise..


Elise 111 Owner Mike joined us on the dyno to see the gains...

Heres his summary...


"From my experience of the K series VVC engine in the Lotus Elise over the last 7 years on track days they prove as quick as the later Toyota engine. With respect to tuning there are a plethora of different engine upgrades you can perform on the engine with very varied results. Some of the modification to achieve 15 Bhp costing £1500 to £2000 ish with major engine work... However with my new purchase (2005, 55 plate 16800miles S2 111s) I decided to start with the engine management....


This led me to check further with the people who race MG TF and ZR  in the MG Club Championships after seing a a number of race cars bearing Marks tuning logo...

I contacted Mark (ex Rover cars  develop and test technician) who then fast tracked me to MG lifestyle to carry out the work.

£600 and 1day later the car was ready to collect.


On collection I didn't expect to feel much difference however the torque was noticeably increased from 2000 rpm, with a rev limiter increase to 7500 giving a few more mph before gear changes.

Also as I discovered from talking to Mark that a programmed exhaust burble can

be dialled into the tune, giving a pleasing pop and bang on down shifting"   


Kmaps Elise Racing...!

In car footage from Joachim Osbecks Kmaps upgraded 111S...

"Useful performance gains and the raised rev limiter brought me to 1st in Class! "







S2 Elise 1.8 workshop ecu installation incl Remap           £595

or...Home upgrade kits supplied with instructions           £495   


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