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Questions and answers!

What makes Kmaps different to an aftermarket ecu?
We utilise the original robust MG Rover ecu for our remaps - which is highly developed and tested for fatigue/temperature and general component durability. You also have the same professional engineers in Kmaps who developed the K series as a prototype and into production - giving unique specialised mapping capability and installation support.


Is the retune effective on a standard car?
Yes! We can find 10-15% gain from 2500rpm onwards on a stock set up - this gain can also be found at peak rpm with enhanced exhaust and intake fitment

Can Kmaps offer more than remaps?

Yes of course, the service can include further engine and

chassis upgrades as required

- exhaust/intake/cams/brakes/suspension to fully optimise your cars set up
Will my MOT be affected?
No, the retunes ensure MOT emission performance is maintained.
Is my Immobiliser affected?
No, the immobiliser function will work as normal. We can remove the ecu immobiliser if requested - a popular mod in race cars.
Will my cars durability be affected?
The retunes are set within the engines performance capability, with ignition/fuelling/limiter settings set to safe but effective values. For example the 7500rpm VVC race tune has been raced reliably in the MG Car Club race series for over four seasons now..
How long will the upgrade take?
MG/Caterham upgrades are simply installed in around 30 minutes including a diagnostic check. There is also an postal ecu upgrade service for those further away.
The Lotus installation involves a little more input -the car should be back with you at the end of the day, although the installation could be made within 2-3 hours if you are planning to wait
Can I install the upgrade myself?
Yes we can supply a kit with instructions to make it easier for those further afield or home builds..
Is the result guaranteed?
We are confident that you will find a noticeable gain!
Will you dyno test my car?
The upgrades are based upon many years of dyno development involving different engine specs - this means that costs can be kept down by utilising the tunes on file. We dont have a dyno at the fitting workshop but can meet at a facility by arrangement if required after the installation
Can I upgrade other MG or Lotus models?
At the moment we only support the K series Elise, and S1 Exige models, and K four cylinder MG Rover /Freelander cars running the mems 3 ecu. The Mustang V8 engined Rover 75 will also be supported shortly.
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